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Now that the 2024 Title IX regulations have been released, what does your school need to do to be fully compliant by August 1? Over the next few months, our Franczek Title IX team will provide tips and information on key steps schools should take to be prepared. In this post, we will address training requirements for employees and Title IX officials under the new regulations. Continue Reading The 2024 Title IX Regs Are Here—Now What? Part I: Training Your Employees and Your Title IX Team

Earlier this morning, the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights released its long-awaited final Title IX regulations on sexual harassment. These new regulations, which replace the 2020 rules, will take effect on August 1, 2024. Until then, the 2020 rules continue to be in effect.  Continue Reading Final Title IX Rule on Sexual Harassment Released Today 

As a quick update for our education clients, the Biden administration purportedly plans to delay the release date of the Title IX final rule on transgender athletes until after the presidential election. While the Department of Education has yet to officially confirm the news, the Washington Post reported last week that individuals close to the

We wanted to share a quick update that the final Title IX rules are now set to be released sometime in March 2024. The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) just updated the final release dates on the website, which provides updates on federal regulatory actions, for both the Title IX rule on