Our blog authors are members of Franczek’s K-12 and Higher Education Practice Groups with a special passion for Title IX issues.

Amy Kosanovich Dickerson: Having practiced in the field of education law for over a decade, Amy has focused a significant part of her education law practice on counseling, training, and representing public and private K-12 schools, as well as colleges and universities, in Title IX-related issues. Amy has represented clients in all phases of the OCR complaint process regarding Title IX compliance, as well as in federal and state court litigation, and frequently reviews school policies, procedure and protocols to ensure compliance with Title IX and related federal and state laws. Using her experience and knowledge of the various state and federal laws impacting higher education institutions and K-12 schools’ responses to sexual harassment and violence, Amy regularly assists Title IX Coordinators and school administrators with responding to reports of sexual harassment or violence, from providing counseling through the various steps of the investigation process to advising on nuanced issues. Amy also frequently presents on Title IX issues and conducts trainings for Title IX Coordinators and investigators regarding all phases of the complaint and compliance process.

Emily Tulloch: Emily’s appreciation for the importance of Title IX began during her time as a college athlete;  she was the Captain of the varsity volleyball team at Washington University in St. Louis. Emily built on that experience during law school, where she earned a certificate in Child and Family Law and served as president of the Education Law & Policy Society. Now, as an education lawyer,  she uses her passion to advise and represent clients facing complaints or administrative charges relating to harassment and discrimination, including those involving sexual harassment and violence and athletics issues.

Jackie Gharapour Wernz: Jackie has represented educational clients on the full range of Title IX matters since beginning her legal career in 2007. Her extensive experience working with school administrators and institutional legal counsel on sensitive internal investigations, OCR complaints, lawsuits, and counseling matters means she understands Title IX matters from the client’s perspective. Jackie’s private-sector experience is enhanced by her work, between 2016 and 2018, as a civil rights attorney in the Chicago Office of OCR.  Jackie was a member of the OCR Title IX athletics team and managed a large caseload of Title IX sexual assault and harassment cases while at OCR. Jackie’s work in the Office both before and after the presidential administration change provides her unique insight into these issues, which are among the most politicized legal issues in education today. Jackie uses this experience to provide engaging, practical training on civil rights fundamentals and investigation techniques; to conduct and counsel clients on internal investigations into complaints of student and staff misconduct, harassment, and discrimination; and to vigorously defend clients in the courtroom or administrative realm.

In addition to our blog authors, we have a deep bench of attorneys who represent and counsel clients on Title IX matters, including:

Shelli Anderson

Nicki Bazer

Brianne Dunn

Dana Fattore Crumley

Mike Hernandez

Caroline Kane
Jason Patterson

Bill Pokorny

John Relias

Sally Scott

Jennifer Smith

Kathryn Vander Broek

Kendra Yoch