Franczek’s Education Law Team is pleased to offer Title IX Compliance training to prepare your team for the 2022-2023 school year. As our trainees have come to expect from the Franczek team, we will engage participants with the material through live polling, discussion, theoretical problems, and role-playing scenarios. If you are interested in Title IX training scheduled specifically for your school or district, please contact

Monday-Friday, August 29 to September 2, 2022

New school year, new roles, new personnel—these are just some of the reasons to schedule training on the new Title IX regulations that took effect in 2020, which are here to stay for the 2022-23 school year. Read below for descriptions of our upcoming training options and click the links for pricing information.

Basic Training: The Title IX regulations require school districts to train separate administrators to perform the roles of Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Decision-Makers (initial and appellate), and Informal Resolution Facilitators. Franczek P.C.’s training allows compliance for the entire Title IX Team of a school or district. You may have trained your team last year but have changed roles or changed personnel. Accordingly, we are offering the basic training for individual members of the Title IX Team:

Refresher Training: Title IX team members who participated in training last year may want to brush up on the rules and procedures and get an update on legal developments and lessons learned one year into the Title IX regulations. Refresher training can help reinforce compliance and best practices and keep your team’s skills sharp without a big-time commitment. During this training, we will review the requirements under Title IX for addressing reports and complaints of sexual harassment, provide relevant legal developments since the adoption of the 2020 amendments, and address key topics that your Title IX team should know for successful implementation of your school’s Title IX policies.

Role Training: Title IX team members may want additional direction specific to their role on the Title IX team. Those in new roles or looking to refresh or expand their understanding should consider these more in-depth trainings:

For more information, pricing, and to register, click the links above. If the week of August 29 is not convenient for your team, contact We have broad flexibility to offer make-up sessions that fit your schedule.