With the new 2024 Title IX Regulations going into effect on August 1, 2024, Franczek P.C. will offer everything your institution needs for compliance support.  

  • Annual Training: The new regulations require annual training for all those involved in Title IX compliance and a brief training for all employees. We offer trainings in both live-in-person, live-virtual, and asynchronous-virtual options.
  • Policy: Institutions have the option of maintaining a separate procedure for sex-based complaints or moving to one procedure for all discrimination and harassment complaints. We offer support for those seeking updates for either approach.
  • Toolkit: We offer a comprehensive toolkit of all forms and guidance documents helpful to support your team in following the new requirements.

K-12 Coordinator Training: This training is specifically tailored for Title IX Coordinators, providing them with both the training required under the new rules for Title IX Coordinators and tips and best practices for ensuring your institution’s compliance with the new rules. 

K-12 Administrator Training: This training is for any administrator who may serve as a Title IX coordinator, Investigator, Decision-Maker and Informal Resolution Facilitator

K-12 All Employee Training:  

Higher Ed All Employee Training:

In addition to our trainings, we also offer a Title IX Toolkit to include user-friendly sample notifications, templates, checklists, and flowcharts, and a Title IX Policy/Procedure Supplement (One-Policy Approach). For more information on these tools or to schedule a custom training for your team should these dates not work, please fill out this form.

For more information, pricing, and to register, click below. If these dates are not convenient for your team, contact TitleIX@Franczek.com or complete this form. We have broad flexibility to offer make-up sessions that fit your schedule as well as the option to purchase recorded sessions.